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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Top 5 Trends for Spring

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Hey lovelies! In case you can't tell, Spring is my all time favorite season for fashion. Something about shedding away all the heavy winter clothes and embracing the sunshine makes me want to embrace every new trend for the season. Here's my top 5 favorite trends for Spring that I came across.

#1: Faux Hawk

This is by far my favorite hair trend of the season. It can look editorial, classy or just plain messy. I love how a Faux Hawk is not only easy, but it makes every outfit look like you spent hours planning to get ready well still looking effortless.

#2: The Boyfriend Jean

(From left to right, Old Navy: $32, , BDG: $29.997 For All Humanity: $198)

Boyfriend Jeans are by far my favorite trend ever in existence. Something about the fitted slouchy look of them just says effortless to me.


             (From left to right, Loft: $59.90Express: $39.99, H&M: $15.90)  

Blouses are my key spring staple because they're light, flowy and are so versatile. I'm currently favoring ones with lace and little details.

#4:Flared Jeans

We can all forget how much we were grossed out by them for years. The flare is back and here to stay.

#5:Trench Coats

(From left to right, Missguided: $90, AOSO:$134, Forever21: $37.90

I was the kind of kid who loved Nancy Drew and begged her parents to buy her a Trench Coat so she could pretend to be a detective. My favorite childhood trend received a grown up makeover this spring. Needless to say I cannot be any more excited.

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