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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Would you rather: EyeEm vs OKDOTHIS

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Like many creatives I find myself drawn to apps that encourage creativity. When I started photography, I used Flickr to test the waters and get critiqued on my work. Fast forward three years and Flickr is pretty much absolute. Honestly, I don't even remember my account info to go in and deactivate it. Nowdays I'm currently using Instagram to test the waters my work falls into, unfortunately, as many creatives have discovered, Instagram's difficult to get any proper feedback that isn't "spam 4 spam" or "cool *insert emoji*.
I figured turning to two social medias that are primarily photography and photographer based would be of use to me. Jeremy Cowart's app OKDOTHIS and the ever popular EyeEm were my tools of trade for almost a month. I wish I could say there's a clear winner, but like many matters it's just what you use it for.


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OKDOTHIS is an app created by the photography Jeremy Cowart who is known for doing some pretty amazing work. Honestly, I could rave about him and all the cool stuff he's doing all day, but that's blog post for another day. The underlying idea of the app is to offer prompts to encourage photographers to think outside the box and shoot in innovative manners. Instead of using hashtags or tags, users use "do's" to share their work, and only one do can be used at a time per photo. Users are encouraged to create their own do's, much like hashtags on instagram and tags on EyeEm.


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EyeEm isn't much different than OKDOTHIS, Instagram, or Vsco. EyeEm is pretty much like any other photo sharing website. With the one recent exception, you can now sell your work on EyeEm. EyeEm uses tags, up to 10 on each photo, to share work. The app also offers missions that are sponsored by companies that give users prizes for winning the contests.


OKDOTHIS is only available for iOS devices, well EyeEm is available on iOS and android. Both apps have web based products that allow users to look at trending photos and view their profiles. OKDOTHIS has almost zero content on their website that isn't user generated work. Unlike EyeEm, which regularly uses a blog to communicate with their users and offer tutorials, feature work, and release pretty awesome content. App wise, OKDOTHIS is incredibly similar to instagram and has a very minimalist layout that doesn't add to the photos, and somehow manages to take away from them. Both apps use similar editing systems, that pretty much don't differ one bit. Although they are both great systems, with other editing apps being so popular, I found myself sticking to AnlogFilm instead of using theres. EyeEm uses a collage like layout that surprisingly adds to the photos and doesn't distract from them.


Both apps, understandably don't have very much control over their users and the work the users share. Although OKDOTHIS has less users, it has a higher quality of content hands down. EyeEm has the same problem instagram has for creatives, it's so popular that good content is lacking. It's clear that OKDOTHIS is filled with talented photographers and artists. Like many social medias, there is the occasional reposted photo or blurry cellphone selfie, but overall the content is exceptional. If you want to get inspired, spend 10 minutes on OKDOTHIS, and you'll be inspired for a week. Unfortunately, if you want to get work out there and get feedback on your work, OKDOTHIS lacks. The problem with the "do" system, is there are too many do's and not enough people are doing them. A majority of the do's on the app only have a handful of photos under them. They're not popular enough to drive much feedback or views.
However, EyeEm, has amazing content too. The app is filled with amazing photographers, illustrators and tattoo artists who are sharing amazing things that will get you inspired. But the app is also filled with a lot of reposts, blurry cellphone selfies, and users who creep on photos but post next to nothing.A majority of tags are being used by users to post selfies taken with a smartphone that are over edited, even if they have nothing to do with the tag used. Such as selfies in the interior design tag. My only problem with the actual app is there's almost no way to filter out the work that you don't want to see. And a majority of EyeEm is quality content, unfortunately the users who do not produce quality content (aka reposts and cellphone selfies), ruin the experience for me.
Under the comment section of both apps, next to no feedback can be found. Other than the occasional "nice" or "cute" or something of that nature. Of course, there are exceptions and a lot of great feedback is given. But as a majority, it's lacking.


I can't say I have a clear winner. Both apps offer inspiration, OKDOTHIS more than EyeEm. But the popularity of OKDOTHIS is lacking to the point of work is barely posted everyday by users. When it comes down to it, each app is what you put in and use it for. Neither one will replace instagram as your to go. But each one has unique users that offer pretty amazing content that you will take  notice of. OKDOTHIS is clearly photography dominated and the content that comes out of it is quality. But EyeEm is much more populated, much more used, and the content is raw. It's clear I used EyeEm more, I enjoyed posting on it. However, I visted OKDOTHIS daily for inspiration. If OKDOTHIS was ever to get the population that EyeEm has, it would a success, but unfortunately it might just end up being an app that takes up memory on my phone.

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