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Friday, May 29, 2015

The "Happy List"

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One of the best gifts I ever received was a moleskin notebook. It was a spontaneous gift from one of my best friends, "just because it reminded him of me". I'm notorious for making lists and doodling over everything I can find. Even if I never glance at them again, the process is somewhat therapeutic.
So naturally, I carried the moleskin notebook everywhere, it started out as a bucket list, then formed into a, "here are all the photoshoots I want to do list", and then formed into "here are all the thoughts inside my head". It became normal for everyone to see me walking around with a notebook, sticky pads, and pens shoved in my oversized handbags. It didn't matter where I was, when inspiration struck, I shamelessly jotted something down in my tattered notebook. My hands were almost always stained with ink from passing across wet doodles, and covered in papercuts and tape from all the things shoved inside the pages. But none of that mattered, I was creating my "happy list".

I'm sure there are 100 different definitions that one can come up with for "happy list". But my list was simply everything I did, I wanted to do and everything I ever wanted to be. It's my motivation to hustle: my 5-week, seasonal, and yearly goals. It was where I decided what papers I wanted to write for my courses, my brainstorms and outlines scattered the pages. Thesis's on the inequality in healthcare, lack of diversity in advertising, the importance of art courses in public education and sample diversity plans were scribbled in margins of unrelated writing, doodles and along the binding of inside pages. The book became a place to store my thoughts.

It was dubbed the "happy list", by a close friend, because on the first pages of every book, is a reflection. "What I know as of now" and the last pages were devoted to "What I now know".
Looking through past "happy lists" are a reminder of where I was and what I wanted to achieve. To quote her, "at the end of the book you should be happy with what you're writing." Sometimes I'm in a completely different place from one book to the other, occasionally I'm a completely different person and I sometimes take what seems like steps back to my goals.

But that's the importance of the book, it's a form of reflection. A non-judgmental place where no one needs to see what you put down, your very own safe place that you can do whatever your heart desires.

Over the year I've had the "happy lists", I've encouraged my friends to create their own. Regardless of the form, putting your thoughts down in words or pictures or scraps of wrappers you find lying around, is therapeutic. Much like a time capsule, they say I was here. It's easy to say my blog is an extension of of my "happy list", because in a way it is. The current state of dianavilic.com is testing the waters on what works and what does, and putting down what interests me in one collected area in hopes of finding like minded people.

Occasionally I drift away from photography and fashion and focus on a book, an app, or an art piece that boggles my mind. All because as of today, I don't know what the future of this blog will be, but I do know I will be completely interested and consumed by it in every aspect.


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