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Friday, May 29, 2015

Why We Tell Stories

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My favorite story as a kid always changed to reflect whatever book I was reading at the time. 80% of them involved dragons, mysteries and almost always involved a happy ending.

As I grew older, I read less stories. Not to say I didn't read, but my focus shifted on newspapers, news outlets, fashion and business magazines,  blogs and advertisements. Still not quite sure why, but as I shifted to telling stories, I made the decision to read less of them. I started finding stories in everyday life, even if I just made them up.

I wrote scripts on the inside of coffee stained napkins,
I made up love stories about two strangers at a coffee house, all because they glanced at each other,
I connected things that weren't there, all because I could.

Storytelling mattered to me,
Even if it was a snippet in my film class
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or what goes on inside the mind of a napping friend,

It was Maya Angelou who said
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
Any creative can tell you that she wasn't wrong. We're programmed biologically to notice patterns, we give them meaning, even if they have none. We're programmed to tell stories and respond well to them.
We're programmed to respond to the story of the underdogs who broke cultural barriers,
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So much so that we create products that celebrate their achievements and feel as if their achievements are our own.

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I had a history teacher once who gave us the assignment to explain why we teach history. (Part of the) Answer? Because as a society we're addicted to the story. Nothing gets us more hyped up than a good tale of triumph and nothing makes us feel warm and fuzzy like a story we personally connect to,

We tell stories because they connect us to people.
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Because they say I was here.

And because they allow us to create worlds we want to exist in.

Because they capture otherwise unseen moments.

More than ever thanks to technology, stories matter. We finally have the ability to tell them on our own terms. We can define ourselves and the people we love, without pressure from the outside world. For the first time ever, we can create and share our stories without asking anyone's permission. Stories today are powerful, because they're ours.

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