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Monday, June 8, 2015

Playlist of the Day #1

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Hey Lovlies!
My friends and I constantly trade playlists, mixtapes and 8track links. We always say, "this one reminded me of you". Sometimes it does, and other times we just wanted someone to hear this pure genius we found. Here's my latest mixtape for you all.

#1: When I'm Gone- Kate Voegele

I love this song. I'll admit I was kinda irritated with the whole "cup song" thing going around when Pitch Perfect came out. But Kate Voegele was one of my favorite singers since I was 13 and she was singing "99 times".

#2: Copeland- Disjointed 

I have no idea how I found this song, but I'm so glad I did. I've always been very into mellow-indie vibe stuff. So it's no surprise I love this song and it's one of my most replayed on my ipod.

#3: The Griswolds- Beware The Dog

Hopefully, I don't need to explain why I love this song. Because frankly, I have no clue. But it makes my list of favorites everytime.

#4: The Royal Concept- Gimme Twice

I love this song and I love everything about The Royal Concept. Enough Said.

#5: Ed Sheeran- I'm in love with the Coco

This cover is pure perfection. At least in my eyes. But, I'm a massive Ed Sheeran fan.

#6: Halsey- Is There Somewhere

Halsey is one of my favorite female artists out right now. Reasons? Every song is essentially poetry and probably the musical version of a cup of tea.

#7: Black Coast- TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)

This is pretty much my go to study song, because weirdly enough, dubstep and remixed music allows me to focus.

#8: Daniela Andrade- Smells like Teen Spirt

I love the original song. But frankly I'm currently digging this cover a tad bit more than I do the original. (Oops, sorry not sorry.)

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