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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Deep cleaning: Closet

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Hey Lovelies!
I'm not saying I'm a clean freak or anything, but I love looking at an organized space. That being said, I'm more of an organized clutter person, but organization is organization.

Tip #1: Empty your whole closet

  • Step 1: Empty your whole closet
  • Step 2: Throw away anything with holes, fades, stretches or missing buttons (aka anything remotely damaged).
  • Step 3:Make three piles: Keep, Trash, Maybe.
  • Step 4: Go through the Maybe pile. If you haven't worn it in three months, or won't wear it in three months, trash it.
  • Step 5:Place back inside closet.

Tip #2: Color coordinate everything

I color coordinate all of my clothes. It seems excessive but it makes keeping the closet organized so much easier. And it makes getting dressed easier. I've only had to clean my closet every 3-4 months when I deep clean every season because this tip helps keep my closet clean.

Tip #3: Stand up Jeans & Pants

Instead of storing my jeans by folding them or hanging them (which leaves creases, makes them fall on the floor, and encourages damaging), I store my jeans using 97 cent shower rings from Walmart. I just fold my jeans in half the long way, put the 2 belt loops through the shower ring and hang it on a rod.

Tip #4: Designate sections

  • Step 1: Look at your space & depending on the size.
  • Step 2: Take a piece of paper and sketch the space you have to work with.
  • Step 3: Designate sections, (t-shirts, blouses, jeans, pants, shoes...ect)
  • Step 4 (Optional): Get rid of any shelves or rods or racks that take up space you don't need/benefit from.

Tip #5: Store away out of season items

If you're not going to wear it this season, store it away. Put it in the attic, put it on a shelf, in a dresser, or whatever. Make sure you store it in space bags or the recommended storage for the item so it can breath. (Always wash the items when you take them out of storage before you wear them.)

Tip #6: Give things away

My friends LOVE my closet when I deep clean because they always get first dibs on all of my old purses, shirts, jeans, dresses...ect. It's not that I get rid of an excessive amount of items. I really don't want to come off like, "look what I have". But you have to remember I'm doing this every 3-4 months. Through that time, I'm wearing down my jeans to the point of fading, a few of my shirts and cardigans may develop rips (my friends know how to sew, I do not.) and I change my taste and style or I acquire a new item and want to get rid of one to avoid crowding. 

I give my friends first dibs at everything before I donate my clothes to Goodwill or something of that sort. They get free clothes and accessories and I get rid of clutter. For me, it's a win win.

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  1. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. love these tips, step 3 - keep, trash, maybe - is what i've always done and it works! fun ;)

  3. Amazing organizing tips Diana! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  4. I've just moved house so I've had to throw loads away. It's so nice as I feel a lot lighter now! I'm on a strict 'one in one out' policy now though! Can't be getting myself into the state I was last time with too much stuff.

    Corinne x

  5. Great tips! Since I'm moving soon, I'll need those :) Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great Sunday :)

  6. Oh dear, I should definitely do that soon. Will keep these helpful tipps in mind


  7. Great tips, I really need to clean my closet !


  8. Great tips <3
    Lovely post

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  9. Loving the tips! Thank you for sharing


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  11. Ridiculously good tips, I need to go through my own wardrobe before I buy anything else - I think ruthlessness is key!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  12. great guide! I always put away all of my out of season stuff, how could I fit anything else in my closet? :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  13. Great tips. I need to colour coordinate, its so much easier that way! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice post!


  15. Great tips


  16. These are all great tips! I'm going to take this as a sign and clean out my closet because it really has gotten out of control haha


  17. Hi doll! The shower curtain rings for pants/jeans is such a cool idea!! Going to try it!! All these tips are perfect for a super deep cleansed closet!! xo

    adorn la femme


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