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Monday, August 10, 2015

Lets Start

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Hey Lovelies! 
Once again, we're talking about my favorite subject to talk about, self confidence. I'm serious, if I could teach a college course, it would be on how to be self-aware. I say this, from my own experience. Like many, I wasn't the poster child of loving myself. 

I came across this video, from the show My Big Fat Diary, which by the way, is amazing and it needs to be brought over to Netflix or Hulu or something. And I have to say I completely understood what Ray was feeling. 

I've had to sit down and think back to what made me feel worthless or ugly. It was always because the popular opinion when I was a child, was that I was ugly and stupid. As I got older, I carried those insecurities with me to adulthood. Until one day, a friend asked me, "Would you tell a six year old version of you that they were ugly?"

I kinda broke down. Of course I wouldn't. But, that didn't stop others from telling me it. Regardless, I wasn't them. I shouldn't hold myself to other peoples opinions of me.

Here's my challenge to you all. Think of why you don't like yourself and reflect on that. More often than not, it's because as a child you were told to think that way. That way, excuse my french, is bullshit. You are more than your exterior, you're more than your anxieties, you are so much more than your dress size, bust size, teeth, skin, hair, or how you scrunch your face up when you laugh.

Would you repeat those insecurities to a child version of yourself? Probably not. It's okay to have insecurities. Don't let anyone tell you to be confident is to love yourself 100%, because it's not. But, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent your insecurities from ruling your life.

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  1. I agree. I also struggled when I was growing up. Nowadays I am more comfortable in my own skin, but it took time, acceptance of who I am and lots of support. My confidence now is much improved but i can totally related to this show too!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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