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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So Crest Sent Me Whitening Products

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Hello Lovelies!
It's pretty much no secret that I'm what my friends call low-key OCD about my oral health. Seriously, it's not a secret. I've come to the point where I just embrace it, instead of being as embarrassed about it as I used to be.

It's also no secret that I don't whiten my teeth. A bunch of factors go into this, but in summery,
  • It's usually one of the worst things you can do for your teeth.
  • The ADA only approves one method of teeth whitening (and guess what, your dentist has to give it to you.)
  • I used to whiten my teeth, and I personally saw the damaging effects it offers.
  • It's not regulated! These are potentially dangerous chemicals that don't need to be FDA or ADA approved to get on the market.
  • Also my teeth are an A1, so they cannot get whiter then what they are. 
I also wrote a blog post talking about why OTC whitening is a horrible idea, and what you can do instead to get a similar result. Check that out here.

ANYWAYS *Rant Over*,
Crest sent me the Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System, through Bzzagent. And to be honest, ever since I started really caring about my oral health, I've hated pretty much all Crest products. One part because Microbeads for decoration...(Because you know, toothpaste needs to be pretty!). And another part because the only thing I understand about Stannous Fluoride is that it's Fluoride that Crest developed. And I know that every product with Stannous Fluoride has a warning that says may cause staining that is prevented by proper brushing. A small percentage of people actually notice this staining, but I'm one of those people easily effected by it.

In summery, Sodium Fluoride > Stannous Fluoride (or at least to me, but each their own).

Regardless of my feelings with Crest, I decided to give it a shot. Maybe I was just being paranoid and looking for an excuse to spend $10 a tube on a toothpaste that maybe isn't any better than a $4 tube. So for science, I gave it a shot.

Here's what you get:

  • One tube of toothpaste
  • One tube of "polisher" (You'll find out later why the quotation marks)
The instructions are pretty simple. Brush with step 1 for 1 minute, don't rinse. Continue brushing with step 2. Rinse.


As you read above, I hate Crest products. So I'm not expecting anything, except it makes my mouth feel super clean. Because afterall, that's why the product is marketed to do.


First Use
  • Step 1 feels like sand on my teeth. Honestly, I might be better off using sand to clean my teeth. Talk about abrasive. Although, in fairness, I've been using pastes and gels for the past year, So This just feels funny, but it probably isn't as abrasive as I think it is.
  • It doesn't taste like much, so bonus points for that.
  • Step 2 feels like the whitening gel I used to smear on my teeth twice a week. Bad memories attached, and I was pretty paranoid about it getting on my gums, strictly for that reason.
Overall, my mouth didn't feel clean after using it. It felt like I had plaque all over my mouth. It was pardon my french, effen disgusting. After three hours of feeling like I had plaqu-ey teeth, I brushed my teeth with my normal toothpaste that actually made my mouth feel polished.

(I should probably mention I use an electric toothbrush and floss before I brush my teeth everytime. So nothing was different between what I normally do and what I did using Crest)

Second Use
I first thought I was being paranoid because I don't like Crest products. So I figured, let's give this another shot. Maybe I didn't like it the first time because the shock of the difference.
  • Still tastes like nothing.
  • The polisher has a really weird texture. It's not goopy but it's also not very gel like.
  • I decided to use step 1 for 1.5 minutes and step 2 for 1.5 minutes, to see if maybe I didn't brush well enough the first time. My teeth actually feel worse than they did at first.
I'm a quitter. After two uses, I couldn't use it anymore. My mouth didn't feel clean. And maybe it was just as clean as what it would be with my regular toothpaste. But, it didn't feel clean at all using Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System. Plus it's a whitening system, and it's not like I would notice if my teeth got whiter anyways. I didn't see a reason to continue using a product designed for something I didn't even need.

So, I passed the product onto my mom. Who 1) has no hatred towards Crest like yours truly and 2) is always willing to try a new teeth whitening method.

But, before I did that, I had to try another experiment. Dr. Mark Burhenne of AskTheDentist.com, recommends washing your hands with toothpaste to see how your teeth feel. Out of curiosity, I just had to give it a shot.

I decided to wash my hands with only step 1, because step 2, at least to my understanding, was the part that whitens your teeth.
  • My hands felt super filmy. They were super dry but it felt like something was covering them. That feeling was really hard to wash off.
  • (Massive NO DUH) my hands smelt like a candy cane.
  • The microbeads in step 1, actually do feel really abrasive to the skin. (That being said, I have ZERO idea if it's actually abrasive to tooth enamel.)

Someone else's experience

My mom used it once a day, as a substitution to her night time brushing, but not her morning brushing. Unlike me, she said it made her teeth feel super clean and her teeth looked polished. She also claimed a week in, that it made her teeth look so much whiter! But at the two week mark, she stopped using it and declared that she noticed staining on her lower teeth and her crowns felt like they had film over them and they were no longer polished.

Would I recommend it?

Just on the textures alone, I wouldn't recommend this. I can't even say if it whitened my teeth or not. So did this toothpaste do  it's job? No idea. But, from what I know about OTC whitening toothpastes, could it even whiten teeth? Probably not. It's not strong enough, not regulated, and it's been shown to do way more bad then good.

I'm not qualified to tell you what to do to have a healthy mouth, or a white smile or even what the best thing for your oral health is. I'm not going to sit here and tell you what to do. Oral health is individualized and so many factors can effect it. That's why in any of my posts I talk about oral health, I stress talking to a dental professional. Your mouth effects way too many things in your body for it to be damaged with negligence or harmful products.

Is it fair for me to judge Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System, especially since I don't need anything it offers? No it's not. But, I was asked to. So I will give my truthful opinion. Here's what I will say. Brushing your teeth with this, is better than not brushing it at all. If using Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System helps you maintain a healthy mouth, gives you the confidence to smile, and/or your dental professional backs Crest products and/or over the counter whitening. Use it.

Just because it isn't a fit for me, doesn't mean everyone feels that way. Just like our teeth, how we take care of them, is individualized. I choose to use toothpaste that contains Sodium Fluoride, instead of Stannous Fluoride. But, I'm prone to staining. That's a choice I made for myself. My gums used to get irritated really easily before I flossed at least twice a day, anything that causes even a little irritation, gets written off by me because simply, I don't like it.

That's why so many products exist for oral health. One part marketing, one part because everyone is different. Follow what your dentist tells you to do with your oral health, everything else is preference.

Get yours here.

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  1. I don't have much of a luck with these kind of specialised products. I buy, I use then I see nothing changes so I just end up wasting money. I guess I will stick to my regular toothpaste and maybe some herbal stuff :) Great review! x


  2. Great review! I haven't tried any whitening products as I think it's an absolute bulls*it :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Nice review :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, mind following each other? Let me know ;)


  4. I've heard Crest's products do work but I've also heard some bad things about the ingredients they use and therefore I have always avoided. Not keen to potentially damage my teeth in the long run to have them looking whiter. x

    Speaking Beauty UK | UD Naked Palette or Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY

  5. Thanks for the in-depth and honest review. I've always wanted to try Crest Whitening Strips (which you can't get in the UK) but now I'm not so sure...

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  6. I never tried them but I heard they're working well. All stripes are not good for our teeth ...
    Nati xx

  7. This system sounds horrible. For the feeling alone, I wouldn't try it!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. Great review, thanks for sharing! :)

    x Arwa

  9. Thanks for the in depth review, was super helpful!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty


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