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Monday, August 10, 2015

To My Best Friend

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I've seen a lot of these on the internet. Some start out as "Dear Best Friend", "Upon this day". I've looked at a lot of them, trying to figure out how to start this. So I guess I'll just start the best way I know how.

Hello (The Selfie Queen of the universe),
I suppose you're taking over the world, or planning to at least, or more likely watching Netflix realizing our text messages would be a better show than some that are on Netflix.

I've always looked at you with admiration. You've always been a smart cookie and made it look effortless. AP and Honor classes? Total breeze for you. You could juggle cheerleading practices, a killer GPA, and you always remained positive. Well I freaked out over every little detail and could hardly make it out of bed some mornings. You were always more like the person I strived to be. Always positive, smiling, and looking to learn more.

You were one of the few people who held me to a higher standard. Afterall I'm Di-Freaken-Anna, I'm supposed to be everything I strive for and more. No matter what crazy idea I wanted to go after, you supported it. My mico-obsessions, became yours, even if you didn't give much care for them. You were always my number one fan, even when I didn't do anything worth celebrating.

Like many great friendships, we have the same musical taste. Our school days were always spent dancing around the hallway to whatever band we were into that day. We traded mixtapes like other kids traded Halloween candy. You encouraged me to be unapologetically myself. Even if some people thought it made me too much, you understood who I was and constantly encourage it.

It's weird to think we'll be geographically separated, living in separate zipcodes. We were never the type of friends who needed to see each other everyday to be close. We could easily go days without speaking, but to be fair, why would we? There are so many things I want to tell you, as you leave for college. I've rewritten this over and over again, because I'm not quite sure what's more important.

#1: Mental Health Above All

We both learned this in AP Psych over gloomy winter days and giant tests that hurt our heads. Our teacher even encouraged it. Study smart, but take time for yourself. When you have midterms and papers due, and all of your friends are out partying, and your gpa depends on the grades you receive. Get some ice cream, close your laptop and give yourself a breather. Grades are important, I'm not going to deny that. But you're so much more important than them.

#2: Figure yourself out.

What do you do when everything you created in High School isn't who you are anymore? Or if one semester you're someone, but the next you're totally different? You created yourself all over again of course!
It's okay to not have anything figured out. It's okay to spend time trying to figure out what you aren't. Afterall, you can't know who you are, if you don't know what you aren't. Try new things and stay close to your morals.

#3: Just Smile

Not every fight is worth it. Not every person will agree with who you are. Just smile and move on with your day.
Someone says something rude and untrue? Just smile. It pisses them off to know they can't get a reaction.
Test stressing you out? You probably know the answer, just smile. Try and make studying a game, make it as enjoyable as studying can be. (Think back to our late night AP Study sessions over google docs where we used clipart to tell history.)

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#4: You might mess up.

You might forget to do a paper, or a homework assignment or a part on a project, or you show up late for class, get the due dates wrong or you forget to study for a test. You're more organized than I am, but it could still happen. It has for me. Just remember, take everything a day at a time.

#5: Slow Down

One of the few things we have in common is we both try and do everything right the second we hit the ground. It's not that we wanna be perfect, but we like to feel like we've got things under control. Slow down, take your time. There's plenty of time to catch up with everyone else.

#6: Follow every passion you have.

You always hear me say, "I'm not going to feel bad for liking what most people don't." And I won't. There's always someone out there whose going to like what you like. So my advice for you is follow everything that interests you to the end of the earth and back. In college you'll develop interests you didn't know you had. A newspaper article will piss you off more than you think once you take humanities courses and you understand how the middle class came to be. You'll get pissed off by health care reforms even though you're not even close to a health major. In college, you'll learn to expand your horizons and you'll be a better person for it.

#7: They don't have to like you.

You're a likable person, so I know you won't have this issue. But, as my best friend, I still feel like I have to tell you this. Your value doesn't depend on other people. You are everything the universe is made of, all it's power and glory. If someone is blinded by the strobe lights, let them. We were taught to not look directly into the sun because it will blind us. You are the sun, you are blinding and that is wonderful.

#8: A Selfie a day...

Keeps the doctor away. Not really, but we can hope. Take selfies, enjoy your time, and make people around you laugh (using lame puns). You've made me laugh my butt off and we've taken enough selfies to publish a trilogy photo book. The people you meet in college will need someone like you. I can't wait for people to know how great you are.

#9: There's SO MUCH Time

I tell you this a lot. But you're young and people are looking for opportunities to help you. Take advantage of this. The traditional college experience is great, but lets be honest, nothing is traditional about the way the world operates anymore.
The opportunities to have a traditional college experience are around long after you leave college. They're not limited to those four years. Someone handing you an opportunity might only be limited to this time frame though. Well you're young, you can pretty much sit on the people you admires doorstep and learn from them and make mistakes and use all the opportunities you can to get where you might wanna go.
You learn a lot about yourself in college, but don't ever get so wrapped up in trying to fit in with everyone around you and what they're doing, that you forget why you're in college. It's horrible to say, but most of the people you graduate with, didn't take a hold of opportunities to grow their careers before they had them, and it shows. Don't make this mistake.
If you have even the smallest interest in something, go see who is in the position you one day want to be, and see if you can start from the ground up.

It may be the career obsessed old lady in me, but parties, relationships and bad decisions will always be in your life. It's a lie to think you're limited to them in college. But, a chance to build a career before you even have one is going to go away in an instant. Ask any business major, angel investors are looking to invest in young adults, especially in the tech industry. You don't need to have it all figured out to get help, you just gotta be willing to put it all out there.


Please don't ever forget your value. Don't forget how you came over unexpectedly to drag me to our friends open house, and we ended up watching netflix, eating crepes and googling the top low-stress careers. Don't forget how much you made me laugh and our Gofish battles and our rewrites of Frozen songs. Everyday you remind me why you're my best friend. It's going to be great to see you grow up and where you're going to end up. My last piece of advice, is don't forget where you came from.

Often we get caught up in trying to be successful, we forget who we were when we didn't know who to be. Don't forget who you were before the world shaped you. So laugh, and smile and keep your childlike curiosity. Remember, inside you is a little kid who wanted to be a Princess. Don't forget that ambition. Throughout your life, it will be your best tool.

I used to tease you by calling you "little Ms.Perfect", you always hated it. But to be fair, you were and always are the closest thing to perfect I know.

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  1. wow, so emotional! I admire friendships like these! :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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