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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Diana Vilic Marketing 101This is one of those things I told myself, I wouldn't talk about. In the blogger community, if you talk about this it's like you're exposing a lie and you'll get shunned.

Until I saw a blogger on a closed facebook group say something along the lines of

"No one cares about you, they only want content that they want to read. It's not that your marketing sucks, it's your content that sucks." 

Which struck me because it's not wrong, but it's not anywhere close to right.

 Hi Internet, Here's the secret only mean bloggers don't want you to know. I can do clickbait too ;)

The first rule in marketing, the first thing you're taught. You are a brand. Your thoughts and actions are associated with your brand, and therefore become your brand. Simply put, everyone is a brand and everything they do enforces their brand.

That’s right boys and girls! Your blog is your brand. Your tweets are your brand. The way you take your coffee is…you guessed it. YOUR BRAND.

 Easy enough right? So why wouldn't I talk about it? Because if you're a new blogger, you're going to Google SEO, Keywords and How to grow your following. And one of the first things bloggers will encounter is text that reads something like, no one cares about your message. Or it's quality over quantity. Or read things people want to read.

 The way I read this is,

" No one cares about what you have to say, unless it's how to get views, in that case listen to me, someone who you found on a viral google search. Xoxoox "

 As someone who is studying marketing, and has spent the past 5 years learning about marketing, this really pisses me off. Almost as if marketing has become this snobby thing and we all have to have the same marketing plans. Marketers are well past that old age thinking but bloggers are eating it up. This may sound like an attack on bloggers, and maybe it is but don't take it the wrong way. If age old marketing where you shove your content down someone elses throat works for you. Great. It's still a valid way to market. But, it's kinda effen annoying.

 Here's the truth about marketing every marketer and marketing student alike know. There's a market for everything. Every damn thing under the sun. Now, does that mean everything makes money, no. Does everything have value, well value is defined as what someone is willing to pay, not what you think it's worth. But everything has an audience, someone out there will read what you write.

Diana Vilic Marketing 101 quote

 My dear bloggers, new or old, Take this from someone who has actually dedicated their life to studying marketing. You can write about whatever you want. It's your blog. You probably have your name tied to it. It should be an extension of you, a real extension, not this fabricated crap every blogger nowdays loves to throw out.

Readers don't look at you for your perfect life, diet or because you get sent free shit. Blogging is great, just like social media is great, because it connects us with people as they are. Same way we choose to associate with brands who share our values, we read bloggers who share our values and sometimes encourage us to do better. But, we connect with them.

 No one really cares how you got your Twitter following to 50,000 people, or how you get paid to stay at home and blog. No one cares about any of that, they want fast tibits, and nothing else.

  If you're one of these blogs who only posts "social media hacks", your readers probably don't give much thought about you. Here's the double ended sword, no one actually cares about the content you put out, they only care if it benefits them.

Why? Because you're not giving them a shred of something to invest themselves in. They're not your audience, they're your success story.

You know who people care about? The makeup artist teaching herself contouring on instagram. Or the young guy with a startup on twitter. Or the lifestyle bloggers who talk about personal discovery. We like emerging photographers, bloggers we connect with, and people who we can see ourselves having coffee with. You know why we love these people, even if we don't care about makeup or startups or self help bullcrap? Because they're vulnerable.

We love seeing people go out there and talk about stuff as they're learning to do it. They're giving us a part of themselves.

 So here's your look into marketing 101: If you don't give yourself in your blog, if it's not associated with you as a person, chances are no one cares about you. Afterall, we only care if we can benefit from what you have to say.

But if you're the blogger who uses your blog as your diary, if you use your social media networks to learn, and you connect with your audience no matter what size, you're kicking this branding things ass. You're building your personal brand, and a little secret is people invest in brands. Not clickbait.

So write whatever you want, instagram whatever you want, and put yourself into your work. I promise you from a marketing student, fellow blogger and reader, you're doing way more right than "5 ways to hack *insert social media here*".

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS, DIANA. I had the biggest struggle with branding and "clickbait" a little while ago and was close to giving up when I realized that the content I put out aren't what will get views. That was a dumb thing to worry about, obviously, because, just as much as people invest in vulnerable people, I invest in an audience that actually takes time to read and care about the content I put out, whether it be a big or small audience.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! x


  2. oh wow, this is all very true! eye opening!
    thanks for sharing this, and I agree 100%! I put out content I am happy with and I can only hope someone will read what I have to say, numbers do not matter!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I love this :)

    It drives me mad when bloggers only do it for the sake of the free stuff, and then post "monthly income reports". I literally do not care what other bloggers make. I will write about what I want, when I want, and how I want to do it. And if people want to read that, then great. And if they don't - well I'm writing for me and not them.

    This post is a breath of fresh air - thank you. xx


  4. I love, love this post! I totally agree with you and Emilie's comment. Sharing on Pinterest! xx