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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To my best friend: My unofficial vows

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One rainy day, years ago, you told me we were platonic soulmates; we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

It's only fitting since you're going to be my longest relationship, (sorry some-day husband) we have a set of vows. 

Please keep in mind, at my current state, I hate vows, I think weddings are dull and the idea of love doesn't make sense to me...at all. 
So here goes nothing.

My dear K.J.R.H,
You are not yet a CEO, rich, famous, married to a famous actress and you don't own your own island. You are not a prince, president or prime minister. And you don't own a set of Harley's, Rolls Royces, or Audis. You are however my absolute favorite human being on this planet. You are one of the people I do not have a generic obligation to love and I still adore you. And let's be honest, I believe in doing no harm and being nice, but I don't like that many people.

You've always stood guard over my dreams. You've never tried to understand me. You "went with it" and offered no judgment. That being said, you were never the kind to blindly support. Whenever I got frustrated because people were being mean to me or classes were too much. You reminded me I'm not Atlas. I never was told to carry the heavens and earth for all eternity, especially alone. You never let me feel sorry for myself, I was never allowed to give up. After all, I was a damn queen; I had to show people that. 

However, you let the queen scream and break down. I trusted you to know all the darkness and sadness inside of me. You never wrote it off. Never told me it was inside my head. You taught me to validate my feelings and demand everyone listen to them. Whenever I crawled up in a ball and screamed "Why me?" to the universe. You reminded me of the power in me. 

I hope one day you find unconditional love. Not platonic soulmates. Actual love. Filled with lust, fights, and 3 a.m conversations. Filled with sleepy cups of coffee, week long road trips and crying babies. I hope her smile is your absolutely favorite (I know I currently hold that spot *hairflip*) I hope you realize all these years of chasing love is worth it, the second you look at her. You deserve someone who loves you with their whole heart and pushes you to the best. I hope she lectures you about your stupid habits. (Honestly I'd love to join her.) I hope you aren't her whole world and I hope she isn't yours. Your worlds shouldn't revolve around each other. Instead you take on the world together, both doing your own amazing things and being probably two of the most amazing people I will ever have the privilege of meeting. 

Throughout this journey were destined to spend together. I'm going to guard your heart and dreams. I promise to kick your ass and remind you of your power. When you fall down, I'll rip you back up and remind you to keep going.

I'm not good with showing emotions, I'm even worse at explaining them. This whole post probably reads like a train wreck. 

However my dear, you must know I promise to be your platonic soulmate forever and ever and ever (eeer). I promise you will always be the guy I hold all other guys up to. You'll probably be plagued with hearing "Well Jeff, he's cute but he's not funny enough" for the next 20 years at least. I promise for as long as I'm the Queen, you'll be the Knight. 

We're the kind of friends who can never really be seperated. The world knows it's tried. But we always find our way back to each other. I promise for all eternity to be there for as long as you'll have me, in sickness and in health and for better and worst. 

Marketing student with a focus in visual marketing with a addiction to coffee.


  1. this is so cute :) you have the best friends!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Aww, this is too cute! I think this is wonderful, such wonderful things to write to your friends. What would I say to my best friends? You guys are dorks, and I love you <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. this is such a sweet letter, ooh you make me wanna hug my platonic soulmate right now <3 <3


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