Marketing 101: Why

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I've been an artist my whole life. I always loved science and history. The funny thing is almost no one thought I would be in marketing. My high school teachers all thought I would be a script writter or a director. I wasn't even going to major in marketing until my senior year becaue I didn't want to work in a cubical. I still don't. I can't stand the thought of slaving away at a desk for 8 hours. The thought alone drains me.

So why marketing?

The answer changes all the time for me. I guess I'm not entirely sure. 
I tell people I love visual marketing; the concept of what can build a brand excites me. I love packaging, textures and building first impressions. I love creating things and watching them come to life. I've always been a visual person. I can see a picture in my head before the concept is even drawn.

Sometimes I tell people I love human behavior. Because I do. There are these concepts in marketing that we all know but we don't know that we know it. Like how a great ad makes us feel like we're falling in love or how ads incorporate things in odd numbers like 3 or 5, because our brain reacts better to odd numbers than it does to even numbers. Every market is different and a great marketer can get in anyones head to make a product appealing to them. This isn't brainwashing or manipulation. It's a little business, little art and a little science.

I tell people I picked marketing because I love learning. Marketers know everything about everything. You learn science, every aspect of business, and you learn about people. Not to mention different markets and different cultures. They're like chameleons, they have the ability to blend into anything.  

Occasionally, I tell people I like marketing because it's inventive and cut throat. I like competition and innovation. I love helping small businesses grow. I like to watch nothing become something. I like seeing that something become global and big. As mentioned before, branding is my favorite thing.

Maybe I like marketing because I obsess. I'm a workaholic. For example, this blog post isn't going up until the morning but I'm writing two weeks worth of posts right now instead of sleeping because if I don't it isn't going to get done. I spent the summer trying to learn about the human brain. Not in a weird way, but I wanted to know what happy was and what sad was.---So ya in a weird way. I obsess about ideas and figure out ways to learn about them. My current obsessions include art education in low income areas, the inequality in dental care across the country, and the idea of mindfullness. 

I like marketing, because I love wow factors. I still remember advertisements that happened years ago, even if I saw them briefly. My favorite ads aren't the ones from the superbowl. When I hear Stop the World, I think of a Hersheys commercial. When I see 100% cotton, I think of Sara Bareilles. And Beats make me think of Football players and laptops.

For the past three years, I had to defend my choice in major to almost everyone I know. No one see's marketing as noble. No one thank marketers. We're seen as heartless, evil and lacking in morals. Sometimes we're seen as idiots, sometimes we're the easy major (anyone ever told you that you're the new age art major?) and we're told we're social media addicts. And heres the thing, maybe thats true and maybe it's not. 1 out of 4 people my age I meet out in the world are marketing majors. There's a lot of us. Like I said, it's competitive. We don't cure like doctors. We sell things to people. We get inside their heads, use the information they put on social media to give them content that should appeal to them. We make their lives easier. We help grow businesses and brands. Marketing is one of the prime reasons the Kardashians are so big. What makes Khyli and Kendall different than any other teenage girl? Marketing and Public Relations.

Marketers listen and act. They're the mix of rational and creative with a dash of business. They are not out to get you. You will not the brainwashed and the information sold to marketing firms that you put on social media? It's not going to get used again you, calm the eff down. 

In Mad Men, Don Drapper says "We're going to sit at our desks and keep typing while the walls fall down around us because we're creative - the least important, most important thing there is." Here's the thing, thats what marketers are. Not evil, not mind controlers, entitled or lazy. They're creative. They're the most important thing in business. 

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  1. good for you for choosing something you enjoy and who cares about other people's opinions ;) marketing is indeed incredibly important!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This post is very inspiring darling! Marketing is a great tool in this modern world. Thanks for inspire me!

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to work in marketing, it's such a varied sector xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I say good on you for challenging yourself and doing what you want to do. Don't worry about what others say or thing, most importantly you are doing something that YOU want. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Marketing is definitely not an industry people seem to like that much. But you do an amazing job as breaking through the enormous amount of information that's out there. And you do it by being creative and adapting after social behaviour, which is so so good! Keep up the work and forget about the doubters and haters! Xx

  6. Seems like you chose the right job for you and that's most important! Marketing is such a creative, positive job that not everyone can do. You need to have talent for that and I think you definitely do ^^ Great post and thanks for sharing xx

  7. Hello Diana Vilic,
    I miss you at Staples. Can you contact me please - I need your help with marketing. Please email me at I really would appreciate it.