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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

State of Diana- Summer 2016

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When school ended, I thought I would devote my whole summer to my blog. I didn't. I could say, I didn't have the time. Because--- I didn't.
But, if I wanted to write, I would write. I've maintained a blog when I was busy with school and I managed a 4.0 at the same time I managed a job and a blog. I have no excuse.
I didn't write because I don't know what to say. I origionally had a nitche I wrote for when I started- photographers. I'm not a photographer anymore. I can't write for that audience- not like any of them ever paid attention to me anyways.
So then I wrote for marketers. But I'm still in school. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm writing about topics a I'm learning them. Which is fine but it's not content to base a blog on. I mean hi, come learn marketing with me! Who would read that? Why would I even want to write that.
I've changed blog nitches more time than I can count. And I've published maybe 20% of what I actually write. And to be honest, I'm sick of that.
Here's marketing 101 for you, you need to have a brand to do anything. And my biggest issue is my brand is developing. I don't know what my brand is yet. And I don't know who I am anymore. Diana two years ago is completly different than Diana today.
So I spent my summer not writing, because I had nothing to write about. I had no idea what anyone wanted to read. I'm not a fashion blogger- I don't spend enough money on clothes to be one. I can't be a beauty blogger for the life of me- have you seen my makeup? I call my look, lets slather on a Sephora counter to make sure I look only half asleep. And my life isn't exciting enough to be a lifestyle blogger. Could you image? Here's my week in review: work, sleep and packing. Stay tuned for next week when I talk about my effed up sleep schedule and how much I need to meditate.
Heres the state of Diana as of Summer 2016.
1) I'm going to write more, even if it's low quality posts, such as this. I need to write for myself. If no one reads what I have to say, that's going to suck but it needs to get out of my system. I can't become a better blogger if I don't write.
2) I will be honest with myself. Currently, I'm excusing putting things off and saying I don't have time. If I'm making excuses, I have time.
3) I will post 2x a day on my blog at least, once a day on my facebook page, tweet at least 3x a day and use instagram to focus on myself as more of a business, rather than hey look it's another selfie.
4) I will use social media to promote myself. Something I've avoided, because holy crap being judged is scary. I gotta get over that.
5) I will stop trying to find a nitche. I cannot be pin poined into a box.
6) I plan to use Medium as a platform as well.
7) I will learn how to make better quality blog graphics.
8) I'm going to nteract with my readers. Something I've been absolutely horrible with from day one.

Thanks for reading! I plan to grow and make much more content than I currently do. 

Leave a comment below with any post ideas you guys may have.

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  1. good luck with all of these! I think its ok to not have a niche, just write about what makes you happy :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Such a lovely post! I love your blog :)



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