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Monday, December 12, 2016

in case no one tells you

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I think we all have days where things suck. Sometimes those days turn into weeks, and sometimes they turn into months. And sometimes we have a completely crap year. It's so easy to get in a daze during that time. It's easy to build up anger and sadness until you explode. Or until the smallest thing stresses you out and you don't know why. It's easy to hate everything around you during this time.

It's easy to blame yourself or other people. It has to be someones fault, some days can't just be bad. But they can. Because they sometimes are.

Sometimes we can't control the way of the world. Sometimes we have days where nothing goes right. Where we don't smile all day. Where every machine we come into contact with breaks, when traffic takes a little too long and when we spill coffee everywhere. Sometimes we have days where we wish we never got out of bed. Because sometimes those days exist.

They're nothing but moments in time. Nothing but fragments. It's a bad 24 hours, its a bad week. And maybe it was just a pretty crappy year with a few scarce good moments.

Regardless of the day, week, or year, you still made it. You survived up to this point. It doesn't matter if you walked, crawled, skipped, or just breathed through it all. You made it. You got through the bad days, the crappy conversations, the feeling of loneliness, the stress of everyday life and the hopelessness.

You managed to allow yourself to cry and to feel defeated. You managed to pick yourself up after you fell. You scrapped the dirt off your scraped knee, and you got back up. Maybe you didn't start off running, maybe you limped or took a break until you felt ready to walk again. But you got back up.

The day you didn't feel like smiling, you smiled at a stranger once. When you didn't feel like laughing, you made someone else laugh. Those blue days, when you didn't want to get out of bed. You still got up; even if it was to get a cup of coffee and then retreat back to your covers. You still got up.

Maybe when you felt like yelling, you took a breath and found patience. Maybe you felt frustrated to the point of tears, but you relaxed (even if you had to cry). Maybe you were scared shitless of something, and you still did it.

My point is, you're human. You were never meant to walk on water, turn water into wine, or save the world. You were meant to have bad days, to struggle, to cry, and grow from it. You were meant to be more than just perfect. Your crappy days, weeks, years, they make you just as perfect as your good days.

You're strong. Maybe not always physically and maybe you have bad mental days. We all do. But you get up and you take things a breath at a time. You do tasks you think you cannot do, you put yourself together when you fall apart.

You're smart. You've allowed people to teach you and you've learned how to do things yourself. When you've struggled, you've taken a lesson. When you made mistakes, you owned up. (I always tell my associates it's just paper, we can fix it. Don't be so worried about making mistakes.) Maybe you sucked at school, or your job is difficult and you're struggling. You're doing amazing, just by being there and allowing yourself to learn. Be open to mistakes. Be open to asking for help. Take things one task at a time. You're capable of great things. People who build planes, skyscrapers, climb mountains, and create art, they started out the same place as you. You are no different than kings and queens.

You're funny and you're great company. Maybe you don't get along with everyone. But the people who love you, fucken love you. You light up a room, some people just can't handle a little bit of sunshine. They're not used to a room being filled with such energy and passion. Think about it, you know when an alpha walks into a room. You feel it. You're the alpha, even when you don't feel like it.

You make people smile. Even on days where you can't manage it yourself. Even when you can't look at your own smile. Your personality is your key trait. Maybe you're not bubbly, maybe your cynical. Someone out there loves that. They need your humor, your conversations and you're energy. Just by existing, you're someones reason.

You're doing so well managing all this. The stress of life, of school, of work. Know people are watching you. They're seeing greatness in action. We know you're capable of so much. We're just waiting for the show to start.

Your struggle will inspire someone. What you know as fear is courage. What you know as stress is resilience.  You're a human being who is capable of so much and you have so much time to do it all.
Do not try and create magic overnight. It takes months, sometimes years to be great. Take your time. Be open to learning. Allow yourself to relax. It's okay to mess up. It's okay to allow yourself to cry. Stress is normal, fear is understandable. It's okay to take breaks. You don't need to constantly be in fight mode and you don't need to run. It's okay to walk. It's okay to limp and it's okay to crawl. Just allow yourself to get up, in any way you can.

Please know that we're proud of you. You're conquering yourself everyday. Life is stressful. But you're just a human, capable of doing amazing things. Take everyday a second at a time. And know it may be a bad day, week or year. But you existed every second up to this point. You can carry on because you're strong, smart, courage, funny, enjoyable, passionate and overall amazing. In simple terms, you're a badass. Please don't ever forget it.

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