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Hello 2017

First rule of 2017, we don't talk about 2016.

Hello 2017,
This is where I would say, I hope you'll be kind. I hope you'll be lucky. I hope things will magically fall into place. Except, that's not how any of this works.

We don't rely on a human construct to change. Do we really wait for a new puppy calendar to mark the changes in our lives? This new year, new me, bullshit is just that. It's bullshit.

Because we change when we want to. We change when we need to.

So, Hello 2017,
I hope you will be the year I laugh so hard I can't breath. I hope you're the year I can find peace with the world around me. I hope I will find the strength to smile, when I don't want to. I hope I'll omit all negative people from my life. I hope I stop giving myself to those who don't want it. We both know I just give, give, give, until I have nothing left for myself. Let this be the year where I get out of my comfort zone. Where on days I'm to depressed to leave my bed, I manage and I manage with a smile on my face. Let this be the year I stop holding onto negativity. Where I try and put as much good out into the world as I can. Maybe this is the year I stop beating myself up over people who cannot love me. I hope it's the year I start appreciating those I do have. 

I hope this is the year where I allow myself to be soft. Where I realize I'm not a rock. I'm not a lump of coal in a pressure cooker waiting to crack until I become a diamond. I'm skin, bones, and dreams. Nothing more, nothing less.

This will be the year I (continue to) kick ass. I won't take shit, but I won't participate in every fight I'm invited to. This will be the year I learn to listen more than I talk. 

This is the year I take little steps to become a better person. It's the year I take steps to my success. Because nothing happens year to year. There's no dramatic overnight change that takes place January 1st every year. This is just the year I move forward. And slowly become a better person.