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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Dearest Jeff

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How do I say happy birthday, without sounding cliche? How do I tell you how much you mean to be without this being a love letter? I'm trying to be poetic and insightful. Obviously, I'm having a hard time with this.

All I know is I can't imagine a world without you. When I look 10 years into the future, you're there. You never are not there. It goes without saying, you're one of the most important people in my life.

I'm bad at poetic letters. I'm great at lists though.

Here's 50 things I love about you in no particular order.

1) I love how close you are to your sister.
2) I love how you see the world. You're childish and easily excitable. You see the world with fresh and starry eyes.
3) I love how you treat perfect strangers.
4) I love how you smile at people who look like their having a bad day.
5) I love your blue eyes. Not because they're blue. But because they're kind. You've got a kind soul and it spills into the world through your eyes.
6) I love your laugh lines. They make you look happy.

7) I love that you dance to music in your kitchen as you're cleaning.
8) I love that you make strong coffee. Especially on days I need strong coffee.
9) I love that you're my cheerleader.
10) I love you for making middle school easier.
11) I love you for loving me when I don't deserve to be loved.
12) I love you for making TV references.


13) I love that you supported my brief film career.
14) I love how you smile when it snows.
15) I love how you surprise me with small gifts.
16) I love the lame memes you send me.
17) I love that you're so independent.
18) I love how much you care about animals.
19) I love how patient you are.
20) I love how you like outdated music- but give me crap for my indie punk.
21) I love how you keep my mixtapes.
22) I love how kind you are to my family.

23) I love how hard you work.
24) I love how much you laugh.
25) I love how you own your flaws.
26) I love how you take interest in everyone you meet.
27) I love how you befriend my friends.
28) I love how you allow me to be a photographer. You know I need that part of me like I need air.
29) I love how you never grow tired of my rants.
30) I love how you spill only positivity into the world.
31) I love that you exist. Even if we don't talk every day or you're not around. Your presence in the world reminds me that there is good.

32) I love how you protect everyone you care about.
33) I love the stories you tell.
34) I love how shameless you are about loving crappy low rated movies because they're funny.
35) I love how much you care for the world.
36) I love how selfless you are.
37) I love your drive. You don't know it's there. But you have a lot of it.

38) I love how you name your cars.
39) I love how much you adore Captain America.
40) I love how you used to love Iron Man but then got into Captain America.
41) I love how much you used to read.
42) I love how much information you try and retain about the world.
43) I love how you lack judgment. Everyone has the potential to be your best friend. You give everyone a chance.
44) I love how you encourage me to be better.
45) I love how you own your mistakes.
46) I love how you have never changed.

47) I love how you never give up on anyone.
48) I love how you never give up on yourself.
49) I love how you focus on now and not 10 years from now.
50) I love how you're going to do good.

Simply put, I love you. Happy Birthday my best friend.

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