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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Disclaimer: The following is an assignment for my MKTG 441 class. I am in no way affiliated with Cocofloss. The following are not active promotions or advertisements. All opinions are my own and in no way representing of Cocofloss. (However, I do adore the product as those who have followed me for 2+ years know. I highly suggest looking into the product, even if you're not dental obsessed like yours truly.)

Let's Talk Dental

There's a secret world that not everyone can see. Fairies do not live there, nor do trolls under bridges. Anyone is welcomed to visit; there are no barriers to entry. Towns are filled with stories of the good ol' days. They're rich with history and tradition. These towns are filled with hardworking individuals with kind hearts. But we forgot them. 

As dental professionals, we are very aware of low-income America.

Cities like those in the Appalachian Region are some of the poorest in the country. Lacking jobs, government support, preventive healthcare and primarily dental care.

49 million Americans live in dental shortage areas. The Appalachian Region makes up most of the countries dental shortage areas. Contributing to lack of dental care is the regions Opioid crisis, smoking, chewing tobacco, lack of access to municipal water systems and Moutain Dew Mouth.
A doctor practicing in The Appalachian Region says the following about the area:
In Kentucky, the state with highest proportion of adults under 65 without teeth, Smith has witnessed the extremes of Mountain Dew-mouth—toddlers with baby teeth filled with cavities, kids who won't brush their teeth because of inflamed gums, and teenagers who have pulled out their own rotting teeth with pliers. (Source)

So What?

 Let's face it, we know better. And we can't keep letting underserved patients fall under our radar. Tragically, we know the reality of low-income. It's more than just in far-off areas of the country. It's also where we practice. Much of America is under the assumption that dental care is a privilege that provides straight white teeth. In the United States, dental care is not recognized as healthcare and does not adequate government funding or services. Which leaves many low-income Americans held responsible for the state of their teeth while they are being priced out of treatment.

At Cocofloss, we know dental care is a right, every patient should have affordable access to a dental professional and a fair chance at proper dental health. That's why we partnered with Philo's, a non-profit that brings healthcare (including dental) to low-income areas of the Philipeans. And we have projects in the works to bring dental care to underserved areas of the country.

That's why we also donate 45% of proceeds from our products to various charities that focus on dental care for low-income individuals.

Call to Action

Let's be honest, unless you are aware of the dental challenges low-income America faces, this issue is not on your radar. The first thing we can do as dental professionals is advocate for patients across the country- not just ours. Each of us is so fortunate to be able to stop patients suffering, prevent certain types of cancers, heart disease, diabetes and offer preventive care that improves the quality of health of our patients. 

What can you do? We encourage you to donate your time or expertise to local non-profits that help aid the dental care situation in your communities or offer financial support to organizations that tackle dental care inequality on a larger scale.

Mostly, we encourage you to spread the word about dental inequality. Many patients feel stigmatized about their condition. We know these patients deserve love, acceptance and our support. But their communities do not. Be an advocate for these patients and speak on their behalf to lawmakers and the community. 

As a little encouragement (and to make the first steps easy)...

We have created a series of graphics to be shared on social media. And to reward you, everytime you post the graphics use #CocoFloss and #WeExistToChangeThat.
If you email support@cocoFloss.com a link to the post and the address of your office and we'll send you a sample kit of 6 full size boxes, 15 sample size boxes and other goodies. 

Just like with personal purchases, we donate 45% of proceeds from professional purchases to various charities. If you'd like to make a purchase, click here.  



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