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    About Me

    I've been in marketing since I was 8. No really.

    My first website, Seriously Stupendous, was a feel-good blog for bullied kids. I ran social media strategy for brands while in school, did marketing research, created ads, even have a brief stint as a commercial photographer.


    When I grew up I got jobs working in agency settings and decided my heart just wasn't into it. Instead, I wanted to take my years of marketing and create content to help non-marketers promote their business, strengthen their brands, and tell better stories.

    When I'm Not Marketing

    When I'm not doing marketing, I'm the Editor-In-Chief of DORD Magazine, a literary magazine based around normalizing mental health.

    (Think Vanity Fair with a dash of Psychology Today.)


    I'm also an Author, Writer, and Behavioral Science Buff.

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